Stop Wasting time and Start Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing?
The definition is not complex- It is the use of video to promote your product or service. A strong marketing campaign that uses video such as corporate training videos, explainer videos, and how-to videos? Viral videos and the list continues...
Benefits of Video Marketing
·       Video is a Gold mine for SEO
Videos increase search engine ranking but you have to target audience. YouTube is the second largest search engine after google. What’s better YouTube is owned by google so a video can work wonders for your SEO.
·       Videos boost conversion rates: A study found that 57 percent of the audience tends to buy a product by seeing the video demonstration of the product online. So, It enhances sales of a product to a great extent thereby expanding your business.
·       Video is Emotional: Video makes an emotional appeal in a person's brain. You are able to attach face with a concept. The impact of a video on a human is more as compared to reading a text.
·       Endless Platforms to Broadcast: There are endless platforms to broadcast a video such as YouTube, Broadcasting Channels, Video boards, and street marketing. Users have smartphones to access videos anywhere anytime. You can reach your audience anywhere in a cost-effective way.
·       High Retention: Studies show that retention rates are as high as 80 percent of the information which is seen and heard. Numbers dropped to 20 percent of the information which is seen and 10 percent of information heard. Combining video and audio will make it powerful.

How to develop video marketing?

Video marketing is accomplished by the first and the foremost step that is Market Research, competitive analysis and obtaining insights into the target market. One must take into consideration What are you trying to convey to the audience? What you want your audience to hear, see or feel? After all this finds a production company and flip out a camera to ensure that quality is the key. The video must rise on the top from other videos available online.

4 Secrets to Successful Video Marketing

1.       Humour : According to Tim Washer Social Media Manager at CISCO “People of corporate world get nervous when it comes to humor or comedy as they think it doesn’t belongs here but you never know it may help you to get your point to the audience efficiently and Economically. Why not do a test and trial to see if it works.
Stand Out and Take a Chance in Being Funny
2.       Educate your customers with a video : About 65 percent of the audience are visual learners? The main purpose of making a video is to educate the audience, for instance, you can tell the customers how to use your product or services or you can create a webinar to showcase your industry knowledge, position your brand as a thought leader. Videos can be based on success stories and how that customer has benefitted by using your product or services.
3.       Make your video feature best 10 seconds ever : Most of the users will click away from a video in ten seconds or less. Short and to the point is expected from video experts online. Try to generate their curiosity by asking questions and using teasers to hook their attention right away.
Video should convey its value immediately and answer the question “why should I watch it? ”It is because it makes them laugh, inspires them or teaches them something in an innovative way.
4.       Optimize the Video for SEO : There are various tactics by which your videos can be easily found on search engines. It is important to enabling embedding on your video which will help you receive inbound marketing links. Ensure that your videos are tagged and provided with descriptions and unique titles.

To conclude, spreading the video across the market has become easy these days with the advancement in technology. Making of the video needs knowledge of human psychology and creativity. The blend of these components makes it possible to create real miracles of advertising at a minimal cost.
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