Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization-
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. However, optimizing a website means to check the rank of your website.  SEO of a website is done to get free and organic traffic for website. It is the process of getting quality and quantity traffic. Search Engine Optimization targets various types of searches like image search, video search, local search, news search, academic search, etc.  Domain name is very important while doing SEO of a website. It declares your business name. According to the experts, SEO helps the business persons to get top rank at the search results.

Brief Explanation:
In short, we use SEO to promote our business and services. While doing SEO of a website, it is compulsory to follow guidelines of Google webmaster.  Otherwise, it will damage your website. There are different types of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. These have crawlers. So, crawlers first crawl your website and index. Then save it as a database.  While applying Search Engine Optimization strategy, crawlers check site content. SEO includes keywords, content creation, website design, user experience, bounce rate, and many other things.
Search Engine Optimization

Techniques of SEO:
There are three Techniques of SEO –

White Hat SEO – In white hat SEO, guidelines of search engines are followed (mainly Google). The result volume is high in this technique. This method uses unique, high quality and good grammar content. It optimizes the structure and links of website. There is no spam indexing. The results oriented from White hat SEO are steady, gradual and long lasting.

Black Hat SEO – The black hat SEO is defined by its name. It does not follow the guidelines of search engines. The volume of result is very low.  This process uses that ways for ranking which are disapproved by Google. Most of the black hat techniques use spam indexing, cloaking, keyword stuffing, link spamming, hidden text and hidden links. The results are quick but unpredictable. The ranking of website is short term.

Grey Hat SEO – It is the mixture of both white and black hat SEO techniques. It is used rarely.

Types of SEO – 

There are two types of SEO- On page and off page. These both play a crucial role in the success of business.  Moreover, these are totally different types. Both needs to work together for the top ranking of a website.
On Page SEO–On page SEO has its own importance. Furthermore, it refers that what is your website or page is about? It is used to optimize different parts of your website. It authorize you that you have a proper control over your website. You can make any change inside your website. On page includes Title tags, meta tags, headings, URL patterns, Alt tags, page loading speed, content inside website and internal linking. With good on page SEO, search engines can easily crawl and index your website.

Off Page SEO – It is mainly regarding the authority and reputation of website. It basically include Page authority (PA) and Domain authority (DA). These calculate the authentication of your website as compared to others. The main fact about the off page SEO is quality back links. The quality of a link is more important as compared to its quantity. A shareable content is the main part for a valuable link. Hence valuable links improve your off page score. If someone try to buy links for page ranking, then Google will penalize you. Google will also penalize your website if you try to submit your website links only for Domain authority increment.

Importance of SEO:

As we discussed above SEO is very much important for our business growth. However, a person should invest a huge amount of money in business. As we all know, modern technology and tools are the part of business expansion. Similarly, goal, planning, strategy and its implementation is also very essential. So Search Engine Optimization is veryimportant. This service is provided by many digital marketing service providers. One of the top companies is Kaler Digital Media Pvt. ltd. The company servestop ranked services in Chandigarh and all over India. 
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