How To Make Money Blogging ?

Blogging refers to writing something you are passionate about. Blogs act as personal mini-sites that people record their opinions, stories other writings as well as their photos. As the web has changed blogs have got more recognition and merit. One of the most common ways by which bloggers are paid is by posting ads on their sites. Each time a reader clicks on the ad the person gets paid for the ad. You are paid based on how many people clicked your ad.Many people are social animals and the fact that they are antisocial face to face so they love interacting via social media using their true identities or writing as an anonymous person. Social and Antisocial persons gain a better understanding of the lives of others which they might not like to interact with on a daily basis.

How much money can you earn with blogging?
There are bloggers who are earning more than $1 million a year and the rest are just earning $500 to $1000 a year. Working on the content and driving the targeted traffic you will be closer to A list of bloggers who are minting million dollars.

Google AdSense

How to make money with Blogging?
Various income methods can be adapted to market your blog online. Some of them are as follows:
·       Ad Networks: As networks are the simplest and most used method to monetize a blog. There are two as networks which are popular
1.       AdSense offered by Google
2         Media Net
You need to have a blog to get approval on these networks. They show ads automatically based on the context of your article and user interest. It gives bloggers a recurring income. The ads are of high quality, a blog that doesn’t affect the user’s experience.
·       Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate advertisements are one of the best ways to earn money moa re money online than a single click on a contextual ad. It is one of the most profitable ways to make money from a blog.


·       Sell Your Own Books: Most of the top bloggers sell their own products such as eBooks. All one needs to do is pick a topic and compile an eBook on that topic. Once you are used to of it you will earn a decent amount of money online. Having your own product to sell is the best thing which generates online income for you.

·       Run Campaign for Brands: This is perfect with aa any type of blog with an established customer base. You could help brands reach the target audience by running a campaign for them. For this Brands: be making a webinar, eBooks and paid ads an or videos. Many of the competitors are already doing this make sure you stand out of them.

·       Services: you can offer various service such as content writing, SEO, Logo creation and so on. All one needs to do is create a page and write about the services that you offer. Make sure to place the link in the blog navigation bar and has prominent space for visibility. It will be easy for the audience to inquire about you and ask more about your services.

·       Sponsored Reviews: Paid reviews are a great way to boost your monthly income. You can make money as low as $10 or more from a small review post.

Make money as a blogger

How Would You receive Payment?

Your advertisers would be sitting in different parts of the world and there are 5 different ways to make money They are as follows:
·       Paypal
·       Payoneer
·       Transfer wise
·       Wire Transfer
·       Coin base
It is good to have an account on these websites. They are free to join and easy to use.

What should one blog about?

If one is planning to do blogging but not on your life but on the topics which provide monetary benefits to you. There are 4 factors one must consider :

·       Passion: The things you are passionate about and have an interest in. This is something we haven’t learned at our job but this is something your friends, family, and others call you to take an opinion for example cars, food, finance. Write on every topic you are interested in and you can blog about.
·       Traffic and Trends: Trends to see the topic you have chosen a to write teas a passionate something ending or is a free tool that lets you see trending topics online.

·       Monetization: The third reason, why you are planning to write a blog, is monetization. You must plan on how to monetize your blog. Choose your topic wisely instead of writing on anything.
·       Competition: Pick a topic with medium or low competition. If you will pick a topic like fashion it will take a few extra months to ace it. So one needs to keep in mind the competition.

To Conclude, One needs to follow the tips step by step in order to earn substantial income from blogging. This would not happen overnight find a work that is rewarding you enough to continue the journey.
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