Pay Per Click

 PPC exists for Pay Per Click. The PPC is a mode of advertisement. It is a type of paid advertisement. We use this service for the promotion of our business. It is the way where any visitor on your site, clicks your ad and you have to pay for it. It is a model of internet marketing. PPC is a way where we buy visits to our site. It is another form of search engine marketing. The main factor of the PPC is to work on campaigns. It uses campaigns for better PPC landing pages.

When a business person uses PPC, he/she has to pay minimum of 500 rupees. It is a normal fee to start your ad. A small payment for a good sale is worth a lot for business. The process of Pay Per Click works on a bidding strategy. The cost of an advertisement depends on your business services. As the campaign is the main part of PPC, it includes ad groups and keywords in it. These are the basic concepts for a PPC service. The landing pages for PPC are used to optimize conversions. The search engines charge an advertiser less if the campaign is relevant and uses targeted keywords. Moreover, Pay Per Click services based on the bidding strategy. It is very important for a PPC user to use this method carefully. Google Ads is the most popular platform for PPC users. On Google Adwords, the user has to pay for each click and set payment mode. It can be automated or manual. Most of the users prefer a manual system for bidding. The bidding system is set according to the keyword search. A business rank on the search engine page at the top after calculating two main parameters-

 1) Quality Score

 2) CPC bid
Pay Per Click

More specifically, Google ads work on impressions and clicks. It is more valuable because it serves clients with a huge amount of traffic on the website. PPC ads mainly work on keyword selection and match types, choose for the ad. When anyone runs a PPC campaign, he needs to focus on the following factors-

i. Keyword Relevancy- The selected keywords should be used in a campaign. Make sure that your keyword or keyword group is apropos to your business. The text of your ad contains selected keywords. After making a proper keyword list, filter the list again.

  ii. Quality of Landing Page- Always tries to create a landing page with full information covered within the short form. It includes effective, appropriate and call to action content. The landing page needs to appear in search queries.

 iii. Quality Score- Quality score of a website matters a lot. It is a Google’s rating for relevancy and quality of your keywords used, landing pages and PPC campaigns. If the quality score is good that Google offers more clicks at lower costs.

 However, Keyword research is one more important factor of PPC advertisement. Keyword research is a time-consuming process but it is a very important part of service. There are various factors affecting keyword research such as-

 Relevancy- The selected keywords matching with your business has click-through rate. An advertiser does not pay for web traffic, it is for the lead of business.

 Definitive Keywords- The keyword search does not include popular searched keywords. It also contains medium and low competition keywords. The keywords should be short, phrases or long tail.

Expansive- A PPC expert needs to refine campaigns time to time. It is helpful for the better existence and growth of your keyword.

 Make a list of Negative keywords- To save unnecessary wastage of your money, make a list of negative keywords. It includes images, videos, job seekers, etc.

Small Ad groups- Try to split your ad groups in a smaller and relevant way. It is very useful to target your specific keyword.

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